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Snow and Skate

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skateboard falls [28 Jul 2009|04:29pm]

does anyone know who any of the skaters in this video are???

there are some insane falls! anybody else seen any good falls lately?
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Trouble Andrew, anyone? [11 Jun 2009|06:26pm]

anybody else on here into skater/snowboarder/musician Trouble Andrew? i've recently got into his music and i can't stop listening. he's currently on tour with Santigold. i got a chance to see the live show a few nights ago and he blew me away, he definately knows how to get a crowd going! if you havent heard him yet, listen to him on myspace (click here!),or check out the video below:

also if you can, try to catch him live on tour. click here for the tour dates! and follow him on twitter!
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murs hat... [17 Apr 2009|12:14pm]
hey everyone,

check out this rad MURS hat i just got:

avaliable here: http://www.mursmusic.com/shop
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trouble andrew album! [11 Feb 2009|03:18pm]

so the Trouble Andrew album came out yesterday, and i can't stop listening to it. it's so much fun, you know? you can get it on iTunes . if you don't believe me about him being awesome, definitely check out this remix that Innerpartysystem did of his track "Chase Money." 
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Super Useful Snow Forecasting site... [10 Feb 2009|10:43pm]

Sorry to be a spammer but my friend just finished making a snow forecasting site for Europe and the US and I wanted to share it because it's crazy useful. It's really easy to use, you just type in a resort and it'll give you the on and off piste forecast for the next week with snowfall and you can compare it to all the resorts nearby.
I hope this is allowed...
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party at the burton store with trevor andrew playing [30 Jan 2009|03:20pm]

this is gonna be awesome... anyone else going?: http://tinyurl.com/bkvxjj 
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Trevor Trouble Andrew's music [19 Jan 2009|07:04pm]

Has anyone here heard snowboarder Trevor "Trouble" Andrew's music before? I gotta admit that i'm really feeling it.

you can download a song of his for free on his website and hear more on his myspace. i've been following him on twitter too, nice.

post your thoughts!

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Help needed [21 Nov 2007|11:12am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Hi everyone. I'm not a skateboarder, but my boyfriend is. I'm trying to get him a new deck for Christmas but I'm having a hard time finding what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for the Che Guevara skateboard from the Speed Demons Activist series. It looks like this.

I've been searching online for it but the only American sites I can find it on are all out of stock. I'm getting really frustrated and I was hoping that since you know more about skateboards than I do, someone might have come across it before or knows a good website and can point me in the right direction. Thank you so much.

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Moosejaw Contest Entry [17 Nov 2007|09:37am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I am currently way in love with this contest...
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[13 Jun 2006|09:37am]
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know of an awesome deal i discovered on eBay. I would get it myself but i already have a snowboard :\

check it out here :)

Oh and the seller has nothing to do with this post either. I hope they don’t mind me promoting their item!
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Lake Elsinore Action Sports Fest [30 May 2006|10:16am]

Hey...I'm going to Lake Elsinore June 3rd and 4th to a rock n roll Action Sports Festival with Moto cross, Wake Boarding BMX and tons more. If you or anyone you know in or around the LA area wants to come with please let me know (I'll be arranging transportation from Santa Monica and Malibu). It's only 10 bucks to get in plus I'll be giving out a ton of ZexSports promo items. Click on the link below for more info...


If you can make it, even if you're not from LA, leave me a comment! Hope to see you there...


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[27 Apr 2005|09:04pm]


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Roller Derby!!!! [28 Jan 2005|05:22pm]

Roller derby comes to Houston! The Spacecity Rollergirls baby! Join:

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jump pimp'n [05 Jan 2005|10:15pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So I've got this snowboarding Web site I'm tinkering with and I posted a new entry.. and I'm pimping it here... http://iride.shobek.com/index/recent

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[28 Dec 2004|09:56pm]

MMM goin snowboarding on thursday up at donner, i'm so excited. my friend natalie and i are going, i can't wait. Sydney by the way, add me..i'm a cutie. ;)
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[13 Oct 2004|11:36am]

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hey [16 Jul 2004|08:58pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

ASL>> 15 f nj!

hey! sup peeps! im suz! ive been skating for 10 years! ive gone to 3 mini xgames and got 2 silver and a gold! um.. yea! sk8ing is my life! i luv it! it kicks ass! im also a lead singer in a band called fallin rock! our first cd "Kick it" came out 2day check it out at Target or Best Buy!

got any ?s about me... comment!

xo Suz

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[29 Jun 2004|11:25am]

CT/NY skate scene.
check it out, help us design a new skate park.
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[27 Jun 2004|08:47pm]

Anyone looking for new Salomon ST8 aggressive skates size U.S. 8 (womens 10)?
Im selling my pair on ebay, perhaps you are interested.
$10 starting bid, no reserve, like new.

Ebay link

sorry for the x-posting
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[12 Jun 2004|06:07pm]

I was just at my local skate shop and some skates caught my attention. I just quit skateboarding cuz all I do now is play my bass. I'm very intrested in skating. But I dont know anything about it. what are some good skates to learn with? what are some good brands? and what should I look for in skates? o yea, and how much are they?..thanx!
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