David (gdnimrodgd15) wrote in street_and_snow,

I was just at my local skate shop and some skates caught my attention. I just quit skateboarding cuz all I do now is play my bass. I'm very intrested in skating. But I dont know anything about it. what are some good skates to learn with? what are some good brands? and what should I look for in skates? o yea, and how much are they?..thanx!
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I tried skating for like 2 weeks, and found that I enjoy skateboarding about 098304830985035480385 times more. But, around here, when all my friends started skating, a lot of them used K2's. And I had a pair of Razor's, they were good, just a little heavy. And a few of my friends speak highly of USD's. So those are a few recommendations.
i personally like alpha's... but if you want to learn about skates you should join rolling ... people there can help



June 15 2004, 16:14:55 UTC 13 years ago

nooooo dont skate its a waste of time its like skiing... GAY! skateboarding is sooooooo much better skating is dumb just say no
if your just beginning get rollerblade, or salomon,or razors. dont get k2's they blow. and no skateboarding is stupid, you push around a peice of plywood, damn woodpushers.